vPermit Application (School of Psychology)

Use the following form to submit an application for a visitor parking permit. Please not that visitor parking permits are only to be issued to visitors attending our campuses on official University business - these permits are not to be issued to contractors or staff.

Please note that student requests will be subject to supervisor approval.
Please note that selecting a general (white) permit may mean difficulty finding a park for the visitor.
Do not include spaces and take extra care not to confuse the number 1 with the letter 'I' or the number 0 (zero) with the letter "O".
The new registration sequences for Victoria are a number then two letters, a number then two letters, i.e. 1AB2CD.
Have multiple car regos? Add each one separated with a comma (e.g. 1AB2CD,4EF5GH,8KL9VY)